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The Many Faces of Trauma

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Before we start, let me give you some definitions that I use. I was not satisfied with current terms like Reiki, although I do utilize that so I created my own terms to describe what I do. They are:

  • Energy or light weaver - the practitioner of energy work

  • Energy or light weaving - the process of creating balance in the energy of people or animals or even plants.

There seem to be as many faces of trauma as people who suffer from its effects. There are three types:

  • Acute trauma is one event or exposure that distresses or puts you in danger. Acute trauma can include a car accident or a natural disaster. It can also be a trauma you witnessed.

  • Chronic trauma is repeated exposure to a dangerous or stressful event, such as bullying or domestic violence. This violence can be physical, mental, economic, or emotional.

  • Complex trauma is repeated exposure to events that cause severe pain from mental, physical, sexual, emotional abuse, or repeated abandonment. The effects of racism are also an authentic and very real form of this especially because of its repetitive nature. Connected to racial trauma is intergenerational trauma too.

I live with and am working on the integration of CPTSD, and one thing that complicates my journey is that the source of the trauma continues. This can make full recovery impossible but through therapy and energy work, there is a kind of relief. How does energy weaving help with trauma healing? I think that trauma is energy that is blocked or trapped in the body and mind. The Body Keeps the Score is an excellent guide for understanding the reactions in our being to these events and in that book, the author details all the ways that the mind protects us from the effects of trauma. Let's explore how energy weaving can help in the process of trauma integration.

Reiki works on four levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. It is an energy system that can release stuck, blocked and stagnant energy, encouraging and stimulating healthy, positive, pure energy to flow in its place, which in turn can activate and promote healing. It is particularly useful for healing trauma, because the energy that is held in that space after a trauma occurs is of low vibration and it is this low vibration that blocks the flow of energy. After the blockages take place in our energy pathways, energy becomes denser and heavier emotionally and psychologically. Now the healthy energy has to find a different route to take so that human life is in the flow and is moving. Reiki helps to open and reset the healthy flow of energy. ~ Syeda Aysha Aslam, MCP

Emotions, pain, stress, and the extremes of these from trauma are trapped in the body and do have an effect on our everyday ability to live a joy-filled life. sometimes, it can be bad enough that we can not function. What are these if not blockages to the free flow of Chi through our bodies? We can recognize these blocks in others easier than in ourselves, so I am sure you can think right now of a friend who just seems blocked about certain things that are probably related to some hurt or pain they experienced in their lives and, if we are honest, we can also see it in ourselves. One example from my experience is that I get triggered easily by any kind of sarcasm. It comes from having extremely sarcastic parents whose wry and glib comments on a variety of things left me confused about the reality of things. I must say though, between this and their strained relationship with the truth, I developed a love for truth that has guided me well throughout my life. Just that acknowledgment has transmuted some of the trigger into something I feel very grateful for. Our thoughts and ideas are also energy and energy weaving can bring us around where we can replace thoughts that no longer serve us with a freer flow of ideas.

When an energy weaver focuses their intent on being an open vehicle for the positive energies available to us, the client feels a change, and coupled with the internal work that is being done with a therapist, results can be seen in a relatively short amount of time.

I remember one time when I was working with my therapist doing EMDR, I was restimulated in a very deep way, and my energy was shut down. This is common with therapy of any kind, really of all organic ways of healing, it often gets worse before it is better. I called my Reiki master to set up a time when we could have a session. It was so helpful in calming the hyperreactive state I was in. It took a couple of days as my mind became calmer and the energy flowed with more ease. As you can see, these different modalities can work together very nicely, each one assisting the balancing process.

What does a distant energy session dealing with trauma look like?

I love that question but you may not like the answer. It looks different every time because we are all so unique. Basically, though, it could include:

  • Soft music

  • Candles (yes even on Zoom)

  • Crystals

  • Card readings

  • Messages from the spirit

  • Incense (yes even on Zoom)

  • A calling in of our ancestors and guides

  • Prayer

  • Conversation

What do I do to prepare for a distance energy weaving session?

So glad you asked!

  • About a half hour before our session begins, do whatever you do to relax. If relaxation is a challenge, like it was for me, I will assist you in setting up a practice that fits your needs and personality.

  • Set the intention to allow the energies and the light to flow through and around you. Look at any blocks you may have and if you need to discuss them with me before the session starts.

  • Know that you are safe. Energy weaving is totally safe and can not do any harm whatsoever.

  • Be present in the moment. This makes the energy free.

Everything is energy and light. Their is no reality to be found in the darkness, but the absence of light. I believe that when we are assisted to turn towards and open ourselves to that energy, it heals. It uses our own intuitive knowledge and our own soul vibrations. This is why I call myself an energy and light weaver.
With love, light, and belief,

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