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Spiritual Trauma Balancing

 I work exclusively with women who are survivors of trauma. As you reclaim your life from the effects of trauma, I will accompany you in creating the life you want that is infused with spirituality and the energy of the Earth and all her creatures.

Yoga at Home

Together, we will answer questions like:

  • Why did this happen?

  • What lessons did this bring to me?

  • What am I to learn from this?

  • What are the spiritual implications if I decide this way or that?

  • Am I defined by my traumatic experiences alone?

  • Can the energies of the Earth assist me with this healing?

  • What of Earths elements and creatures do you think of as healing?

  • Do you believe that your ancestors are near and ready to assist you?

  • Do you believe that through our healing we can heal the past too?

  • Do you believe that we are the answers to their prayer, hopes, and dreams?

  • Do you believe that with enough of us doing this work, we can contribute to the healing of the world?

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