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Spiritual Trauma Coaching

 I work exclusively with women who are survivors of trauma. As you reclaim your life from the effects of trauma, I will accompany you in creating the life you want that is infused with spirituality and energy.

Yoga at Home

Together, we will answer questions like:

  • Why did this happen?

  • What lessons did this bring to me?

  • What am I to learn from this?

  • What are the spiritual implications if I decide this way or that?

  • Am I defined by my traumatic experiences alone?

  • And many more

There is another level to this kind of healing as well and that is intergenerational healing that we can do.

  • Do you believe that your ancestors are near and ready to assist you?

  • Do you believe that through our healing we can heal the past too?

  • Do you believe that we are the answers to their prayer, hopes, and dreams?

  • Do you believe that with enough of us doing this work, we can contribute to the healing of the world?

I wholeheartedly believe that the answer to these questions is an absolute yes but it is still sometimes hard, painful, and sometimes slow work.

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