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The Viruses that are Appearing in Humanity Energetically

Well, despite my being fully vaccinated, I have a breakthrough case of COVID. I am very thankful for the vaccines because my only symptoms are a runny nose and continuing fatigue. Some days are difficult but are so much better than hospitalization, intubation, and ventilation. After my immediate reaction of mild resentment over the people in my town that refuse to be vaccinated and refuse to wear masks, I got to thinking about the many situations in which we collectively find ourselves today and, dare I say, into the future. I truly mean collectively because no matter our opinions, fears, beliefs, and understandings, we are in this together. We have no choice in that reality. Truth is, our choices are being presented to us every day and they are really the same for all of us regardless of our state of mind. We are in an energy storm and just like the superstorms that we see happening due to climate change, these storms are threatening our wellbeing especially in our children and youth.

So, here we are in the middle of these raging storms, racism, sexism, physical insecurities, loss of empathy, I could go on unfortunately but you get my drift. How do we keep ourselves balanced? Is that even possible? These are questions that I have been asking myself. I see in my own life imbalances that want to produce guilt in me and although I try to counter that with self-compassion, it is a daily exercise, and I find I must be mindful. I fail at it often. I succeed at it often. I am human.

The solutions to these complex issues must be equally nuanced and complex, but that is way outside of my abilities. I know that we each need to care for ourselves spiritually, nurture the goodness within, and believe that it will make a difference in the world. To choose to stay out of the hate and divisiveness, to contribute love and truth together instead of using truth as a reason not to love. For example, you hate ____, well I hate you then! Just doing this, fostering virtues like patience, forbearance, and justice can bring about a certain level of balance, and a certain level is better than nothing.

We used to be taught that to be kind; you had to lie sometimes. I do not believe that anymore. Truth can be shared, when appropriate (not "Ewww what an ugly dress"), with love and kindness and a healthy dose of honest respect for the person with whom we are sharing. This can take place in a conversation which, at its ending, both people can walk away feeling enriched and better for it. We can speak truth, and we can be kind. They are not mutually exclusive.

I have been thinking about this, especially concerning the practice of energy work, because what we are talking about is what energy we are sending out to the world in everything we do. What energy is mobilized within us due to the trauma we are all experiencing, and how do we transmute and transform that energy? The Indigenous people of the world know this; actually, all of us at one time in our genealogy knew this, and we can bring it back into our awareness, and we can build capacity in this area. I want to bring this into the practice of energy work with intention.

I believe that it will have a lot to do with the elements and nature in general.

This brings me to another aspect of energy transmutation, our ancestors. I have learned so much from my Black and Indigenous friends about the relationship that our ancestors long to have us be aware of. My Religious beliefs tell me this as well. They are waiting, nay longing to assist us as we fulfill the long-ago dreams and hopes for our planet. They want to be a part of this global balancing and healing.

I would truly love to hear your thoughts about these things. Please feel free to share. I will post more later.

May your energy align with the spirit of the Age!


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