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What is She Up to Now?

Change is the only thing in this life that we can say never changes and this is very true of Light Weaver Energies too. Today, I am rolling out the newest service that I will be offering and that is spiritual coaching.

What is Spiritual Coaching?

My definition of spiritual coaching is to accompany people in finding the meaning and purpose in their lives as well as in the experiences of their lives. My therapist one time told me that we human beings are meaning-making machines and depression and anxiety set in when we can not find that meaning. This is the spiritual work, the healing that so many of us are trying to undertake as we deal with trauma and tests almost daily. When we know the why, when we know that we aren't alone in the struggle, we are often better able to face the bumps in the road or the mountains we must climb.

Together, we will answer questions like:

  • Why did this happen?

  • What lessons did this bring to me?

  • What am I to learn from this?

  • What are the spiritual implications if I decide this way or that?

  • Am I defined by my traumatic experiences alone?

  • And many more

There is another level to this kind of healing as well and that is intergenerational healing that we can do.

  • Do you believe that your ancestors are near and ready to assist you?

  • Do you believe that through our healing we can heal the past too?

  • Do you believe that we are the answers to their prayer, hopes, and dreams?

  • Do you believe that with enough of us doing this work, we can contribute to the healing of the world?

I wholeheartedly believe that the answer to these questions is an absolute yes but it is still sometimes hard, painful, and sometimes slow work.

As I write this, we here in the South are just entering the Fall season. I believe that the Fall season holds the promise of turning inward and preparing our nest, so to speak for the coming Winter months. Even if you live in countries with only 2 Seasons, this time is one of preparation both outwardly and inwardly. Outwardly in prepping for the cold or the rainy season in our homes, with our food preparation, and our clothing selections. Inwardly, it can be a time of seeing clearly what inner work we can do through the months of weather that can restrict our time out of the home in one way or another. What are you doing to prepare? I will share my to answer my own question with you. This year one of the things that I will be working on is the intensity of dedication that my trauma has given me. I can be fierce about certain subjects, like the protection of our children. That can be a good intensity but I have noticed that sometimes it is a block to my creating real relationships with people. I choose not to indulge that effect of my trauma anymore. So, this Season and the next will see me doing more grounding work with myself. I will be continuing a lifetime of work on detachment from the ugliness that is present in our society and I will embrace more fully the intensity with which I face and challenge certain injustices BUT only when the strength is required.

My dearest wish for anyone reading this is that you may ever find meaning in all that you do, experience, think, and feel. That you will continue to strive toward true mindfulness. That you remember that this whole process is a journey that we all can benefit from and that it is an endless journey towards higher consciousness and awareness of all that God created you and me to be. That we are NEVER alone because we are all on this path together no matter at what point we find ourselves. There are souls that are much further along the trail than I and I celebrate them and wish only the best. There is no hierarchy in the spiritual realm in terms of competition.



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