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The Healing Flow of Energy

Take a look around where you are sitting right now. Go ahead... do it. Now focus on one thing that you see. That thing, whatever it is, is energy. It may be dense energy as in a table or a rug but energy it is. Everything in the universe is energy and therefore has an influence on every other thing from a powerful influence to a slight influence, all things affect all things.

That energy has many names like Chi, Qi, and Reiki or Ki. A Reiki practitioner opens themselves to receive the higher level energies in order to allow the balance to occur as the energies see fit. We act as a conduit for the energy to flow in a focused manner to where it is needed.

This is an article about a Reiki session with a skeptic who received it in person but it can be done just as well by distance. Energy truly knows no time or space if you are receptive to it. One must suspend judgment and simply allow. When you do that, it gives permission to the higher energies to be activated and to have an effect on both the practitioner and the receiver.

When illness of a non-contagious variety sets into a human body, for example, high blood pressure, many conditions had to be met before the body became incapable of handling the input. The factors that set us up for disease, as you know, are stress, poor diet, and lack of adequate exercise. All of these are the absence of positive energy. Stress is an energy that has been stretched too far. The foods we eat that are harmful are the ones that are very far removed from their original energy. For example, processed food is really almost a dead substance. If you take a tomato and process it through the canning stage and then add it to fatty meat and over-processed pasta, you have a meal that is far from the fields where each of these crops grew. Over time, we suffer from a kind of malnutrition that seems absurd because the person is eating three meals a day. Finally, exercise. Exercise is an energy producer, especially when done outside in nature. Imagine an infinity of energy that continuously reproduces itself and you will be seeing the effect of exercise in nature. This is the way to attempt to ward off illnesses. There are other factors that cause illness that are beyond our immediate control. Like pollution and heredity but we can do our part to keep ourselves in a state of well-being.

So, if we are working on these 3 aspects of our energy, and getting assistance from a practitioner, we can achieve a balance of our energetic and physical bodies and avoid disease.

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