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Reiki in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy and anticipation. It can also bring stressors both to our physical bodies and to our energetic bodies. It can be a time of anxiety as we worry about the baby's and our health in our heightened hormonal state. During my pregnancy, I was very concerned because it had taken me a long time to conceive and I was afraid about the viability of my baby. The growing of a human being is a time of change and fluctuations and if we work to keep our energetic flow, we can improve the experience for all involved.

There are so many physical symptoms that come with gestation as well. Lower back pain, swollen and painful breasts, taxing of the calcium in our bodies, and poor sleep, to name just a few. There can be fluctuations in our blood sugar levels and therefore our moods, our feet hurt, oh and don't forget the swelling.

Reiki is Rei or universal and Ki is energy. The Ki flows through and animates all things from the rock to the human soul; it is the force of creation. It is definitely the force of creating a child therefore, getting Reiki treatments during pre-gestation, pregnancy, and postpartum can be very helpful not only for you and the baby but for the other parent as well to keep that energy flowing in the creation triangle. Here are some of the ways Reiki can assist in this process:

  1. Creates balance and calm when trying to conceive.

  2. Enables wellbeing within the womb.

  3. When conception has occurred, it energizes the parental and child bond

  4. Works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual happiness of all.

  5. Releases tension blockages in the muscular, nervous, and emotional systems.

  6. Opens the third eye and crown Chakras to that needed spiritual energy and tunes us into our realities as one.

And there are many other benefits about which I will write in the future. It is absolutely safe as well!

Now, down to the details of prenatal and postpartum Reiki. The mother will get comfortable, whatever that means to each person. Some may want to lie down others are fine in the seated position. The only thing that matters is that you are as comfortable as possible. The Reiki practitioner may be on a Zoom call with you, this is the way I do my sessions or they may prearrange a time with you and perform Reiki without contact. Either way is fine since the energy of Reiki is the important part. I just prefer to know who I am working with and them to know me so I use Zoom.

You will get comfortable and then the practitioner will begin to connect with your, the baby's, and the other parent's energies after calling the Ki. There is a symbol that we use to start distance healing that gives access to the complete Ki specifically for distance healing. Then we will begin the distance session. This is possible because, in reality, we are all one and our energy flows where it is needed most for the highest good. The practitioner or energist connects to that and becomes a conduit for it to flow. Physical presence is not a requirement.

I often ask my clients to use imagery that is meaningful to them and I almost always use music to create a meditative state for the mother and child. A typical session lasts about 1 hour and with me being an intuitive, I allow time for reflections on what we experienced if that is welcomed.

Now, what about postpartum Reiki? I am glad you asked. There are so many beautiful things about pregnancy, birth, and those first sleep-deprived weeks after the birth. Regular sessions for the parents and the baby can ease the stress of the actual birth for all concerned as well as enhance the natural bonding mechanism taking place. It can assist with any postpartum depression and any feelings of discomfort that the other parent is experiencing. The physical issues may be affected by Reiki too.

Finally, let's talk about breastfeeding. My child was born prematurely and was unable to latch onto the breast. This was a cause of guilt and shame for me. I would have loved to have worked with a Reiki practitioner throughout but especially with breastfeeding, There would have been no guarantee that it would have made him latch on but it would have at the very least created tranquility for me and my baby.

Reiki can serve in so many ways and all it takes is a suspension of doubt and a simple allowance for the possibility of healing. It taps into our own ability to bring about healing within. Kind of like a booster and a channel focusing the disturbed energies. We are all ONE!



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