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Reflecting Nature in a Reiki Session

“The contemplation of nature can free one of the ego – the great troublemaker.”

– Eckhart Tolle


In my Reiki practice, I use imagery a lot, especially imagery of all things found within the natural world. Nature contains many forces for healing, many answers to mystical questions, and opportunities to rest and empower oneself. When we observe the myriad qualities found in, for example, the ocean, what does she teach us? What secrets does she offer with each caress of the wave to shore?

Then there is also the physical healing found in the medical buffet that our Mother offers us in the form of herbs, remedies, and nourishment. These are just a few of the reasons I utilize images from nature in my Reiki sessions.

Relationship with the Natural World

I ask my clients to tell me about their relationship with nature and what that scene offers them. For example, what does a tree represent to you? What feelings arise when you either think of a tree or are near a tree? I am also often guided by spirit to what natural image a client needs to connect with, and often they combine to make a very healing image. Here is an article for your consideration.

Reiki is not in Competition with Medicine.

I look at Reiki or any energy healing modality as a complement to medicine, and I never claim that Reiki alone can heal a person's illness or discomfort. The more we can add to the practice in terms of energy cleansing and balancing, the better the medical interventions work. Always consult a doctor for any illness that causes suffering. I don't see them as competing with one another.

“Sand lines my soul which is filled with the breath of the ocean.”

A.D. Posey

The above quote inspires images and sensations in our souls. It is not that sand literally lines our souls, so what is she saying, and what does it conjure up for you. For me, several experiences come from this simple quote.

  • I feel a deep sense of knowing exactly what she means.

  • I can feel the cool water and the hot sand surrounding me.

  • I can hear the waves crashing and the sand crunching.

  • I can smell the salt and hear the gulls.

What imagery does this quote bring up for you?\

Here is a guided imagery session for you to try, and as you do this, set an intention of healing. Make this intention specific to your needs.

Close your eyes and take 3 prolonged and deep breaths

Ask yourself what image from nature you need at this moment

Start to construct that image in your mind. For example, is the tree an oak or a fruit tree?

When you have all the details constructed, take 3 more slow, deep breaths and put yourself into that place.

Now breathe normally and imagine away.

As you're doing this, be aware of your feelings.

Are you relaxing?

Are you feeling a change in energy?

You may want to add nature sounds to your guided imagery session, and an essential oil diffuser is wonderful too. If you have any questions at all, please let me know!



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