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Conception and Reiki

You are ready to have a baby; you know all the tricks to get your bodies in good condition for conception and pregnancy but, did you know that the condition of your energy will greatly affect the conception too? You can enhance the experience by balancing the energies in all of the Chakras, with somewhat of an emphasis on the lower 3. The Root, the Sacral, and the Solar Plexus have so much to do with groundedness, physical well-being, and occupying your body fully, all important ideas when thinking about making a baby.

The father is in on this, too, as he actually assists in balancing the family's energies. Think of a triangle with one point being the mother, one being the father and the other being the children already born with the one now hoped for. Energies are always cycling through each member and through the unit as a whole. Each individual's energies affect all the others positively or negatively so it will always be helpful to do energy work on them all. All this to say that conception will be heightened and relaxed when all are working together to provide a welcoming space.

If there are issues with conception there are probably corresponding blocks in the Chakras or energetic body. These can be greatly relieved through a series of energy work appointments and at-home energy work recommended by your practitioner. Think of energy homework. One idea is to imagine life flow in whatever way resonates with you. Whether it is a running stream or moving fire, is up to you but something that moves in nature is a great way to visualize the removal of blocks to conception. Another is listening to singing bowl music as you hold one another and use images of a baby coming into existence. These and so many other ways are available to purify the flow of your family.



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