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Chronic Pain? Feeling Stressed?

Collectively humanity has endured a year now of drastic changes in our world and our everyday lives. Would you have believed anyone last year if they had told you that we would spend the year wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting our activities? I know I wouldn't have. We have also been through great losses together and often faced them alone. This takes a toll on our energy and ultimately on our bodies and spirits. I would like to share with you some ways that you can practice energy balancing in your home.

The first practice is to breathe. Our breath is like the wave upon which our energies flow and move. When we are tense or anxious, we don't breathe regularly. Some of us increase our breaths, others have moments where we actually hold our breath. These are manifestations of stress, pain, and anxiety and they are harmful. I am a fan of Gabby Bernstein and she does a lot of breathwork and meditation I highly recommend pretty much everything she does.

Affirmations are a very good tool to calm the nervous system as well. They counteract the narratives that run through our minds in times of stress like "I am such a failure" or " I am an imposter" Our thoughts truly are our reality at the moment. If we are thinking these low-level thoughts it brings us down and blocks the positive energy of Chi or Ki. There are ready-made affirmations available online from many sources. A couple that I love are Louise Hay and Brene Brown is a favorite too. We can also design our own based on the negative messages that we cycle through during times of stress. For example, I will share a personal journey. I often feel unloved due to a lifetime of trauma. The messages in my head are about worthiness. I take those negative thoughts and turn them around using many of the same words. I change "I am not worthy of love" to "I am worthy of all love" or "I am love"! Can you see how powerful that can be? Give it a try.

Do you remember times when you reached out and offered a service to someone? Do you remember how good you felt? This is my last suggestion for balancing our energies when we are dealing with stress of any kind. Service. It doesn't have to be a huge offering. It can be a call or an email expressing your fondness for a friend. It can be bringing a meal to someone who is ill. These acts of service and friendship take us out of ourselves and calm our energetic bodies. They stimulate the feel-good hormones and we feel better.

All of these ideas and more invoke the Reiki energy naturally and tap into that flow of calm and serenity that is our human right. Best wishes and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.



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