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Our world is filled with trauma and women are among the largest segments of the population to suffer with these experiences. Then if you add race, poverty, and other of society's ills, you have CPTSD. I have experienced a lifetime of it and I continue to work on integrating all the energies blocked by the experiences I have had into becoming a whole and happy human being. Anyone who has dealt with this knows that it takes time and patience as the brain learns what truly is threatening and requires one of the responses of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn and what doesn't. I have personally found that energy work is a wonderful adjunct to the therapy and bodywork so well known to us survivors. I will work with you using your own energies and your inherent intuition to help bring about that longed-for balance that we are seeking.


During times when we are triggered, it can be difficult to make decisions as well as to feel safe in our own skin. I am also a spiritual coach and will accompany you as you find meaning and awareness in all that you have experienced and possibly are experiencing and then bringing that into your life.

Together we will bring your being into alignment with the physical, mental, and spiritual using both of our intuitive healing energies.

Light Weaver Energies

    About Carol Campbell

Energy has always fascinated me. I have throughout my life seen or wanted to see the meaning that gives purpose to everything we experience. Whether in relationships or situations, I was always the one digging deeper and asking the question “why?”. I believe that everything is energy, and that energy can be lower in frequency as in an object or higher in frequency as in a thought or a feeling or even higher, a prayer. I believe that energy is always infused with meaning hence my lifelong quest for the “why?”. When I realized that I had suppressed trauma in my life and began to do therapy for that, I realized how helpful my knowledge of energy healing can be with integrating trauma. It is not a replacement for therapy, but it can be an adjunct. I have always been what is now called an HSP or highly sensitive person, a fact which I have fought against my whole life to “buck up” “Be rational” “get over being too sensitive” etc. I also realized that it is a common trait in trauma survivors. I have experienced bullying and rejection because I feel and know things at a heightened level. What I have come to realize is that these qualities are what is required to be an energy worker and a spiritual Earth coach. So, I am coming home to myself and who I was meant to be. Welcome to my website and I warmly invite you to work with me.

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From Sally Forsyth, ADHD Coach

"I have had regular Reiki sessions with Carol for a few months now and they have helped me tremendously. It is an amazing technique to help a person shift their energy and refocus. I was working through some personal issues and Carol worked with me in a very intuitive and supportive way to help me heal and get back on my feet emotionally. The Reiki sessions also helped me to let go of pain and grief and start visualizing a better future for myself. Reiki really is an amazing technique whether in person or in a virtual session. I really recommended this practice to anyone who feels the need to heal and make an emotional and psychological shift."

Sally's website is

From Aaron Crossley, Producer and Intuitive

I’m very much into energy flow, dreams, guides, and ancestors, but to look at me and how I move through the world, you wouldn’t know unless we got to talking about these subjects. Point is, one develops a capacity to know when another has an ability, or deeply understands those threads that bind us together, how to create, foster, and expand our internal energy. Simply put after 1 session it was very clear to me Carol Campbell is a legit Reiki Master

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